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Editing Updates on “Toil Under the Sun” – I’m Toiling

writing2 I discovered this quote while surfing the Internet about the pain of editing. Recently, I’ve experienced an increase in headaches and this could explain why!

In all seriousness, I’ve been doing my due diligence on the text and story and feel semi-satisfied that I may be getting close to sending it to Victory Editing.  I’ve run the program through ProWriting Aid, which is by far the best on the market.  It has this wonderful MS Word add-on that integrates and creates a menu (part of which can be seen below). You click on what you want to be analyzed and viola! You swear you’re the worst writer in the world when the results are returned in the text.

Presently, the book consists of twenty-six chapters and 56,003 words, but that could change before release.  When I am done fiddling with it, I’ll send it off to my regular editor and it should be back within three weeks.  I’m going to shoot for October 1 as the release date but it’s subject to change.  When I get closer, I will go up for pre-order.

In the meantime, I’m writing down plot points for book two and hope to start soon.

I’ll admit that I had toyed with the idea of sending my manuscript to a U.K. publisher to see if I could get the four-book saga picked up since it’s so heavily based on Manchester history.  After researching quite a few publishing houses that take direct submissions, reviewing the timelines to hear back on “yes” or “no” and the horrible payout of 10% royalties, I quickly threw that idea into the circular can.

As an independent publisher, I will admit I have always wanted the validation of being picked up by a traditional publishing house. However, when you consider it takes three to six months to get an answer (and usually if you don’t hear back by three to six months you can assume a rejection), and then having to wait another year or more to see the book published, it sours my quest.  I’ll let my readers validate me instead as you have so kindly done in the past. My patience to travel the road to traditional publishing is non-existent at my age.

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