Kiss of Suspense

Romance With a Kiss of Suspense

Stately homes, mysterious characters, and suspenseful romance set in Victorian England from an award-winning author of historical romance.

Thorncroft Manor – Caroline Woodard was convinced that she would die a spinster. Her headstrong personality was not her best quality or an attractive female characteristic to eligible Englishmen – until she met Bramwell Croft, a wealthy mine owner from Cornwall. Caroline finds him to be a brooding and disagreeable man. Instantly, their personalities clash like the tempestuous sea that pounds the rocky coastline. 4.5 Crowned Heart of Excellence – InD’Tale Magazine (March 2015) “There is but one flaw in this otherwise perfect romance – not enough story!”

Whitefield Hall  – As a young lady, Mary Gleadhell chose the occupation of a hired companion rather than seeking love and marriage. When she accepts a new position as company for the mother of the 4th Baron of Warrington, Mary believes she has procured an excellent situation. However, when she arrives at Whitefield Hall and meets her ladyship, she discovers a cold and aloof woman who does not want her companionship. (Currently retired, being rewritten and expanded.)

Blythe Court (Novella 3) – Ann Seddon knew at an early age that her aristocratic parents would arrange an advantageous match on her behalf. Nuptials of 5star-shiny-web2convenience blended family fortunes and kept bloodlines pure. After her presentation at court, which marked the beginning of the London season, Ann’s life turns into a whirlwind of tea parties, balls, and husband hunting. Pressured to marry John Broadhurst by her parents, she is plunged into a world of secrets, betrayal, and danger at Blythe Court.

“A wonderfully heartbreaking read that serves a powerful lesson on love.” 4.5 Crowned Heart of Excellence InD’Tale Magazine (June 2015)
“Blythe Court by Nora Covington is a thrilling tale of a rakishly handsome marquess and his lovely lady.” 5 Stars – Readers’ Favorite (June 2015)

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